Designs by Nora

Shipping for the first item is a flat rate of $6.80 to any State in America through the US Postal Service.  Second item ships FREE with the first item up to 5 pounds total weight.  More than 2 items to the same location will change the base shipping price: 3 to 10 items up to 20 pounds is $13.45; 11 items or more up to 70 pounds is $18.75.  I will consolidate shipping and pass the savings onto you.

​Each item is wrapped separately to minimize damage.  A USPS tracking number and a return shipping label is provided with each shipment.

Warranty, Repair, and Services

When I was young, drawing and painting was my venue for self-expression and artistic endeavors.  I married, then had a child who was hyper-active, which meant that I no longer had time for art.  I put away my easel, canvasses, and paints and assuaged my wounded artist's soul by telling myself that I could start again when I retired, justifying it by saying that Grandma Moses didn't start painting until she was 80.

Over the years, I kept my artists soul placated by painting signs, editing digital photos for web clients, and repairing/modifying my broken jewelry.  In 2008, my favorite jade and amethyst necklace broke.  I lost so many pieces, I had to totally revamp the design.  I enjoyed re-working the bead combinations so much, that I intentionally broke other necklaces so that I could re-design them.

I was hooked!  Not satisfied with re-working other peoples' designs, I bought beads and began creating my own jewelry.  Because I love the touch, coolness, and colorings of natural stones and gems, I just gravitated toward them as my preferred medium.  My artist's soul rejoiced!  I found my venue for self-expression.  Now that I'm retired, I can devote my energy towards developing my jewelry business.  My main focus is on customization.  The customer becomes an integral part of the design process, thereby making the creation a truly unique work of art.


About The Company

30 day money back, no questions asked--just return the item in it's original condition.  90 day warranty against defects on materials and assemblage.  If it is defective, send it to me and I will repair or replace defective parts and send it back to you at no additional charge. 

If you break any piece I will re-assemble it for free.  Just send the pieces to me.  The only cost to you is replacement parts and return shipping.